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Wolfabout is a 5 – piece band based in Vienna. Our musical foundation could be described as folk, but since our roots spread all over the globe, there is a distinct “world music” touch to it. Our songs are dreamy, melodic folk ballads at times, while some are full throttle sing-alongs with dancy rhythms. But see for yourself…

Live Dates

Meet The Band



Live Dates

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10 May 2019 – EP Release Concert / RHIZ Vienna

For bookings email booking@wolfabout.com

The Band

What is Wolf about?

The band´s songwriter, Sebastian Lobo, came up with the idea for this project while travelling through Australia. During this trip, he came to find that his own personal Walkabout and days of travelling had come to an end, for the time being. In aboriginal Australian culture, Walkabout is the term for a young man’s journey into the wilderness to follow his spiritual path in life. A topic which is weaved into a lot of the band´s songs.

Wolf, the English word for Lobo, stands for the rawness of the music, which is, like the animal itself, almost extinct in today´s pop music industry. So there you go. And this is the band…

Naila Reidl

Bass / Backing Vocals

Janosch Beer

Drums / Backing Vocals

Sebastian Lobo

Main Vocals / Guitar

Sinisa Mitro

Guitar / Keyboard

Alex Valdés

Trumpet / Flugelhorn

“This is a song about being a child at heart, doing those kind of things that kids do. The ones that are in our nature, but we tend to not do anymore. Swing!”


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